SIA – Close Protection

Level 3 SIA Close Protection Course

Level 3 SIA Close Protection course contains 140 hours of learning over 2 weeks.

Upon completing the Level 3 SIA Close Protection course, along with a valid Workplace certificate of First Aid, you are able to apply for a Front Line SIA Close Protection License.

What does this course cover?

In our syllabus our team will help you to “de-mystify” Close Protection and teach you everything that you need to know so you will be able to work as a professional Close Protection Officer.
Our Standards and goodwill are great within the Security Industry and we will help you to attain mandatory level of competence so you can work with operational team comfortably.

To venture into the World of Surveillance, we have a module of Surveillance for you in this course. SIA may soon require Surveillance Operators to hold a Front Line Close Protection License as well as a Private Investigators License. We will prepare you for Level 3 Surveillance Operative and Level 4 Surveillance Manager courses.