Hard floor Cleaning

Different techniques are used to clean Wood, Laminate, Stone, Slate, Vinyl and other floors. Our technicians are experts and trained in cleaning hard floors. Our expert techniques, high quality machinery and experienced chemicals will restore that shine you long to see. We use tested processes to restore your stone floors.

This includes;

Assessment of flooring prior to selecting the appropriate cleaning procedure
In order to remove all dirt and dust, we’ll vacuum the floor first
We’ll test a small area with the cleaning solution we’ve decided upon
Next, we’ll spray your hard flooring with the cleaning solution
(1) With non-wooden flooring, we’ll scrub the cleaning solution into the floor
(2) With wooden flooring, we’ll get the shine back using drive pads alone
To remove all evidence of dirt, we’ll rinse your floor thoroughly
Depending on the cleaning solution, we’ll dry the entire area
If needed, we’ll apply a choice of protection layer: seal, polish, wax



Please note that we prefer all furniture removal has been undertaken in preparation for our arrival. If assistance in furniture removal required, this can be arranged. However, be aware that HR International enterprise cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your property during furniture removal.

*  It may take 2-3 hours for the floor to dry completely!