Carpet Cleaning


We recommend cleaning your carpets by professional carpet cleaners at least once a year. The main reason for this recommendation is due to the build up dust and bacteria, which could cause health issues.


Hot water extraction

Different types of fabrics, materials and methods are used for cleaning carpets. We use hot water extraction machines for cleaning carpets which is the best equipment in London. We know the right machine and chemicals for your type of carpet. In domestic and commercial cleaning services we use chemicals and equipment that are safe, eco-friendly products and good to allergy sufferers. We have Steam Pro 2000 with twin vacuum machines which helps in drying time as well. An effective way for restoration and deep cleaning over a weekend.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the best solution for regular maintenance of carpets and we specialize using this method. This method uses mush less water and allows carpet use straight after cleaning without compromising quality. We use high quality vacuums to completely remove the cleaning compounds. HR International Enterprise assures you that our team will not leave a single speck of dust behind.


Micro Cleaning:

Micro cleaning is developed by Sirius with Micro cleaning pads and splitting cleaning agents which contains no detergent or Enzymes that helps in reducing re-soiling of the carpets.

Rug Cleaning:

Correct rug cleaning requires specialist skills and the most advanced equipment. At HR International Enterprise we clean all rugs properly; wash them thoroughly in our plant, fully immerse them in water and safe-use detergents. Your rug will go through a dry dust extraction process, in which 50 to 100 grams of dirt and dry dust will be extracted per square meter, this surprisingly includes well maintained rugs. We successfully remove pet urine stains, odour and dust mites which have the ability to cause and aggravate health issues such as allergies. We provide excellent customer service and competitive prices.


Dirt that has built up over years requires full immersion cleaning to get rid of the dirt and dust. We wash rugs through its entire cross-section mechanism in which water passes through the rug from top to bottom side of the rug, this is effective in removing all every dirt particle. After cleaning, the rugs are rinsed repeatedly with plenty of water to guarantee that no detergent remains in the rug.


Rugs are dried quickly in a controlled environment which is not possible with on-site cleaning. On-site cleaning develops mould and fungi.